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Amber Software offers services of technical support, on either 24×7 basis or 8×5 NBD (next business day), depending on the needs and requests from our customers.

Amber company provides maintenance and repair of telecommunication and computer systems and equipment. We offer standard on demand service, as well as a special contract on maintenance, which represents the highest level of assurance that we can offer on the uninterrupted functionality of the system we installed.

We are, at all times, in direct contact with equipment manufacturers technical support centers , as well as our regional partners, for prompt and efficient response, should any potential problems occur.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Amber software accordingly, offers, grades and continuously improves the following services:

– Lab testing
– Installation of equipment and commissioning of the system
– Hardware support
– Software support
– Regular maintenance
– Repair service and on-site recovery
– Remote support and upkeep
– Help desk
– Network supervision