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For more than two decades, Amber Software has been designing telecommunication networks and ICT systems. We continuously invest in upgrading of our team of trained, certified and licensed engineers, and therefore guarantee our customers quality and safety in implementation of our design solutions.

Compilation of engineering documents, for the purpose of obtaining necessary permits, such as location and building license, and inspection certificate, is an integral part of this service, as is consulting on design specifications.

Designing starts with conceptual design, which is made according to terms of reference and client’s readily defined needs. At this point, an ample and accurate assessment of both technical specifications of the site and current technology is paramount. This is where our experts provide timely information and useful advice. Overall, designing phases include:

– Preliminary Design
– Feasibility Study
– Final Design/Working Drawings
– As Built Drawings
– Technical Inspection of Final Design

When working on final design, outlined by preliminary one, an adjustment of technology takes place, as well as deciding on actual equipment, in order to obtain optimum solution. Final design bears an accurate specification of hardware and software, the passive network equipment, and plans for execution of work in technical realization of the project.

As built drawings represent a detailed description of executed work, supported with detailed configuration specs of all hardware and equipment, spatial arrangement, interconnections and protocols.