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Our MISSION is to sustain our clients development and help their businesses prosper and grow, by implementing the latest ICT systems and solutions.


Our VISION is to secure the leading position in Serbian and regional ICT markets by providing quality service, and to grant our clients steady growth and development, through achieving an optimum resource management.


Careful and skillful selection of apex ICT equipment, coupled with continuous investing in education of staff create basic preconditions for long term successful business.

Amber Software follows its firmly established business principles:

– rendering quality services, which satisfy clientsā€™ demands, needs and expectations down to the ground;

– conquering new markets and achieving regular increase in efficiency and productivity of the business, aiming for co-working relation with all customers and all of the suppliers, much to everyoneā€™s benefit;

– consistent application and constant improvement of the quality management system, in accordance with ISO 9001;

– regular trainings of employees, in order to achieve and maintain a level of competence and quality in business;

– keeping track of latest trends in ICT, aiming to ensure constant development, encouragement and improvement of innovation capabilities of our clients.

The management of the company takes great care to accomplish all of the activities of the relentless business cycles, aimed at ensuring the proper service to any of the clients needs and wishes, and in term, securing the companyā€™s development and bringing satisfaction to all interested parties.