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Amber Software offers unified services in telecommunication and ICT domain, including installation, integration, commissioning of the system and maintenance of equipment and application, from the companyā€™s entire portfolio.

The company reposes its offer on products and solutions of the worldā€™s best-established ICT manufacturers, as well as on development of its own solutions, relying on stark local teams, regional cooperation with partners and other system integrators, and on individual approach to each customer.

Working practice of the company, in this segment, is to run and check the system and equipment in the service center, prior to installation at customersā€™, in order to provide the clients with continuity of the business process and maximum usability and reliability of the system, as well as to enable them to protect the investment made in ICT infrastructure.

Amber Software offers ICT integration in various sectors: state institutions, public companies, big businesses, small and medium companies, healthcare institutions, chains of commerce and shopping malls and similar.

Aside from integration of ICT solutions, Amber Software is, completely specialized in and equipped for execution of work and site supervision of the placement of cable systems, designated in computer network designs, both optical (fiber optic, FTTH) and UTP copper wirings. In that respect, our technical operatives are completely equipped, together with measuring apparatus, upon which measurements the certificate of compliance is issued for the network, as an official testimonial that the infrastructure meets all required standards.